Through a collaborative process, Thoenn provides opportunities for youth to engage with, and be inspired by contemporary dance – using creative movement  as an avenue to motivate and enliven young adults and children. The process includes co-creation and instruction components as well as exposure to professionals, professional level work, and related production arts (i.e. lighting and sound design). This multi-level approach provides a well rounded understanding of what a career in the field can look like from the inside, outside, and periphery arts. Instructional Curriculum Vitae »

“We hired Thoenn to do a residency here and create a performance piece with our fine arts students.  After two weeks they had created an entire show titled “Pastiche” to present to our community.  Thoenn has a warm and wonderful demeanour when working with the students.  I was incredibly impressed with how some of our most vulnerable students were engaged and participating in the show.  The inclusive atmosphere Thoenn created here was such a highlight for our students that year.  The project was so professionally put together and supported by Thoenn and her team.  I have since hired Thoenn to come back to work with our kids as a festival instructor and very much look forward to our next opportunity.”     – Heather Lytle, Drama Teacher at the Smithers Secondary School

“When I started dancing in Pastiche I felt it in my heart and soul, my mind and it was like magic. I didn’t want to stop, so thank you Thoenn Glover for sharing such amazing dance with the world!” -Esther Bokongole, student from Smithers Secondary School

“It was an awesome experience working with Thoenn. She did a great job using our everyday habits as the inspiration for a fantastic dance. I really enjoyed this opportunity and I would do it again in a heartbeat!”   – Sarah Benson, student at Jack Mackenzie School

“My students were able to partake in a two week dance residency program with Thoenn. This was an experience unlike anything I have seen in my teaching career. We offered the intensive dance program to students from Grade 7 and 8. They did not need previous dance training. I really appreciated the fact that she worked collaboratively with the students. It was not just a matter of her telling them what to do; they explored, experimented, created, and made decisions as a group. The thing that really struck me was how every single student of the twenty-two member troupe had the opportunity to be in the spotlight at some point. She was so effective at what she did that her audience of students from K – Grade 8 sat in absolute quiet for a full thirty minutes while they observed her solo performance along with the larger group.”  -Marlene Hinz, Arts Education Specialist, Jack MacKenzie School

“Over the course of the two weeks, Thoenn also had the opportunity to work with individual classrooms, guiding them through innovative and interesting movement experiences that brought the dancer out in each of the students. It was very enlightening to observe my students while someone else taught. I gained some valuable insight into these students by doing so. As a specialist in my school, I readily teach music, dance, and drama. I love all aspects of it, but there is something to be said about observing someone who is totally immersed in their area of expertise. Thoenn’s residency was some of the best professional development I had this year.”  -Marlene Hinz, Arts Education Specialist, Jack MacKenzie School