“In my dance practice I work to create visceral experiences for others to expand and activate emotions otherwise not triggered. These experiences brought to the surface through dance should not be limited to fellow dancers or dance enthusiasts; I want to excite people from all walks of life, especially those who don’t normally engage with this art form. My intention is to leave everyone with an experience they did not know they could get from contemporary dance.”

Since 2009, Thoenn Glover has been making a career as a Vancouver-based choreographer, dancer and teacher. Growing up in a remote community in Northern BC she brings a unique perspective to her art form. Her background of living off the grid with limited pop-culture influences has given her an instinctual and visceral approach to her work, and a ‘DIY/anything’s possible’ attitude towards the art form. She received her formal dance training at Arts Umbrella in Vancouver, BC and has worked as a performer for Dancers Dancing, Kinesis Dance Somatheatro, MartaMarta Productions, Mascall Dance, and Kokoro Dance.

In her choreography Thoenn is interested in bridging the aesthetics of cinema and contemporary dance. She uses vivid characters, fragments of narratives, bold lighting design, and shifting sound scores to create cutting edge works that appeal to many types of audiences.

Thoenn has performed her choreography at festivals and series in Montreal (Bouge D’Ici), Whitehorse (Leaping Feats), Halifax (Kinetic Studio), Calgary (Annual Alberta Dance Festival and the Ignite! Festival), Edmonton (Next Fest), and Vancouver (Dancing on the Edge Festival, Dances for a Small Stage, and the Interplay Project). She has been awarded creative residencies at the Dance Centre, the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, and Arts Umbrella. In 2012 she was recognized as an innovative creator and was featured in the Georgia Straight’s Fall Arts Preview. Currently she is working towards a full length piece that will premiere in the summer of 2016 at the Dance Centre with a showing for international presenters at Dance in Vancouver this November.

Another facet to Thoenn’s artistic practice is working with youth in schools to create and perform pieces. She engages the students as performers and as co-creators of the production and exposes them to working professionals in the field. Her goal is to ignite passion in youth for creating and participating in performance art. She hopes that this will help to cultivate art-conscious young adults in our Canadian culture.