Help support Thoenn Glover’s new production ‘Wags Alternate’ hit the stages this July 2016!


About The Show

With four dancers ‘Wags Alternate’ investigates the undercurrents and impulses of caricature, alter-ego, and the hidden aspects of our lives. 

What do we choose to display to the world? Our lives are essentially our own theatrical production with the individual as the leading actor, fabricating how to curate the daily show. 

Set in a forest of red ropes and lightbulbs, this dance piece is visually tantalizing. It is a result of long-standing collaboration between choreographer Thoenn Glover, lighting designer Rob Sondergaard, and sound designer Mac Hunter.

With a passionate creative team behind it dedicated to the development and completion of the work since it’s conception,  it is ready to hit the stage! Wags Alternate will premiere at the Dancing on the Edge Festival, co-presented by the Dance Centre in Vancouver BC this July.

How You Can Help

We are looking to raise $5000 to help this show reach it’s full potential and bring the work to audiences this July 2016. Funds will go towards:

  • Paying the artists
  • Lighting equipment rental
  • Costuming and props
  • Marketing and promotion
By becoming a backer, not only are you showing your support to the project but also to the Vancouver dance community.  Any amount helps, and to thank you for your support we offer a variety of perks from dance prints, to your very own personalized choreography, and much more! Even if we don’t reach our funding goal we still get to keep what we raise, so every penny will go directly towards our costs.
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Spread The Word

If you can’t donate you can help by liking the Facebook page, and spreading the word to those who can. Every bit of publicity helps!

THANK YOU to Amielle Lake, Jordan Eunson, Tom Gibson, Samantha-Jane Gray, Virginia Glover, Sandra Smith, Paul Glover, Fran Thoburn, Monica Kapelar, Dan Catona, Michelle Kafer, Elaine Edmison, Sharel Foisy, Timothy Green, Janet Harris, MartaMarta Productions, and anonymous donors for their generous support!